Consultancy Services

    Providing you with consultancy services across many domain in the IT field. With our through analysis to your requirements as well as available solutions in the market, you can rest assured that you will get a vendor-neutral recomendation that meets all your requirements with the lowest TCO and highest reliability


Encryption: according to your needs, we will consult you with the available solutions to secure your data at rest. We explore the different encryption techniques; 1) Software-based Encryption, and 2) Hardware-based Encryption, from different vendors with an analysis on the TCO of each vendor/technique.

Guidelines and policies: each organization has their own usage of the IT equipment. We help in drafting many guidelines and policies that will help keep your business inline with the best practices and minimizes the risk of data exposure or misuse of the organization's resources. Guidelines and policies like Laptop usage policy, Internet usages policy, Guest Wireless Access, Backup procedures, Staff joining/leaving procedures, and more.

Connectivity: whether you are looking to connect one or a 100 branch offices to your main HQ office, you can consult us on different solutions like MPLS, and VPN. You will be able to easily take a decision based on our analysis of the TCO and OpEX as well as the advantages and risks associated with each solution.