IT Services Management

    Best practice IT service management provides a framework through which we can continually measure and improve the service we deliver, and the value it renders to our customers. We are focused on delivering a service that facilitates the outcomes our customers want, without the risk and cost of ownership.

    A managed service can encompass all the aspects of strategic and operational support that modern businesses require. This level of service can be supported with guaranteed service level agreements

Inventory Management
Manage all your infrastructure inventory to easily keep track of all your IT equipment as well as the status of the warranty for each device. Moreover, we also inventorize all your software licenses so that you can easily recognize any discrepancies

Help Desk
Provide your staff with all the support required to run their tasks smoothly with minimum downtimes. We provide support as front line to resolve issues with your staff computer, printers, etc. as well as support for back bone of your infrastructure such as server, internet connectivity, firewalls, etc.

We'll provide you with all the consultation needed in the IT domain for any business requirements that arise as well as help you find the right solution

We will help you with the daunting task of accurately budgeting for your yearly IT expenses. Budgeting will be done for both OpEX and CapEX so you can forecast your IT expenses and avoid any unpleasant surprises

Our Process


We assess the current infrastructure from the security and performance perspectives. We also assess the current security policies and framework within the organization.


Immediately remediate any vulnerabilities or shortcomings within the IT infrastructure. Rewrite the whole security policy if needed.

Proactively maintain

Via our monitoring equipment and regular checks on the health of the network and server, we can easily detect the problem before it happens, and proactively maintain it to minimize downtimes


As soon as the infrastructure is brought to best practice levels, we optimize it to further enhance the performance of the network and hence improve the business productivity of your business.
Our office
At KIT Consulting, we strive to use the latest tools and hardware to enable us to better serve our clients. We use various tools to monitor and proactively maintain your IT infrastructure.