Our Voice KIT consists of three components; a) Central Server/PBX server, b) VoIP Gateway, and c) Phones.

We provide you with a complete KIT to get your business's telephony system up and running within hours with many capabilities ranging from 100% customizable IVR, to call recording and Fax capability.

The Voice KIT

PBX solution
KIT Description
We've carefully combined components from different brands in the voice domain to bring you the KIT with the best in class performance, yet the most cost-efficient. Through the intuitive GUI of the PBX software, maintaining the whole system from extension configuration, call routing, voicemail-to-email, to reports of daily calls and call recordings becomes a simple task. Our voice kits are completely scalable to the size of your business.
KIT components
  • a) VoIP Gateway
  • b) PBX Server
  • c) VoIP Phones
Main Features
Call recording
Conference center with virtual rooms
Voicemail-to-Email functionality
Flexible and configurable IVR
Caller ID
Integrated echo canceller by software
End Point Configurator
Support for video-phones
Support for follow-me
Support for ring groups
Support for paging and intercom
Web-based operator panel
Support for time conditions
Call parking
Call detail record (CDR) report
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Billing and consumption report
Callback support
Channel usage reports
Support for call queues

“Elastix is an easily operated and managed communicating system, with clean graphic user interface and rich features.Through long-term and practical use, it is a stable, reliable and dependable communicating system. We are deeply satisfied with Elastix.”

Hongzhen Wang - President, Zycoo Co. Ltd.